Daily Bread Training Videos

Training Videos for New Members/Current Members:

  1. How to Request to Join Daily Bread - Shows potential members how to enter our Join Daily Bread Site and use it to Request to Join
  2. Logging into Our Google Apps Site - You must be on the correct sign in page to sign in
  3. Our Home page is Full of Administrative Links - ALL members should be very familiar with the information discussed for this page
  4. Vendor/Product Links & Vendor Information Pages - The way to Ordering spreadsheets and Price Lists
  5. Ordering Spreadsheets - Our ordering spreadsheets provide the way for our Club to combine all our orders and get the discount
  6. Setting up your Daily Bread Mail Account - Provides help in setting up your Daily Bread mail.  The term folder and label are the same
  7. How to Setup Calendar Notifications/Reminders - Using your Calendar to send Email Notifications can be very useful
  8. An Overview of Using Google Documents - It is best to create Collections of files in your Documents to find files faster - Share Collection
  9. The UNF Ordering Site - Our primary vendor products are ordered by each member on their ordering site
  10. How to Reset Your UNF Password (Can't Log In) - Obtain a new password by email.
  11. How to Order Albert's PreOrder Items - This video explains Albert's PreOrder procedures and how we calculate the lead time needed to receive the item on our Pickup day.
  12. How to Print Your Albert's Order - This video shows members how to print their Albert's Order before they come to the pickup.
  13. Setting Up and Using the Frontier Order Site - An Overview of setting up your online account for Ordering from Frontier.
  14. Azure Standard Overview - an overview of using the Azure Standard Web Ordering System
Training Videos for Coordinators:
  1. Setup and Tear Down of UNF/Albert's Pickup - shows location of items needed to setup UNF/Albert's on pickup day and return items to same location at the end of the day.
  2. Creating Links in Emails - This video shows how to create a web link in an email.
  3. Working with Spreadsheets - Discusses some of the common calculations used in creating an ordering spreadsheet
  4. Resetting a Spreadsheet for New Orders - shows how to clear a spreadsheet and setup it up for entering new orders
  5. Creating Past Orders and Protecting Areas in Spreadsheet - A video that adds cell range protection, copy for Past Order, creating a Past Order Folder on your Drive (Documents), etc.
  6. Creating the Albert's Pickup File Part 1 - This is the file the Albert's Pickup Manager uses to Weigh and Sort an order among the members.  It will have the member's final cost for items ordered.  The Open Office Albert's Pickup Template file is attached at the bottom of this page.  Part 1 covers preparations and most of the Non-Produce creation.
  7. Creating the Albert's Pickup File Part 2 - Part 2 begins were Part 1 ended and finishes explaining the remainder of the steps
  8. Creating Albert's Online Pickup File - FIRST DRAFT - An overview of the way to create the Online version of Albert's Pickup File.  The video account does need some modifications and additions.
  9. Updating Albert's Ordering Spreadsheets - Albert's Ordering spreadsheets are updated with new price list at the first of the ordering cycle and at the end of the cycle.
  10. Creating the Pickup Listing for Making Labels - Shows how to create a listing of ordering members for creating basket/box labels.  The Word Label form and the Excel data file are attached at the bottom of the UNF Vendor Information page. The Open Office Albert's Pickup Template file is attached at the bottom of the UNF Vendor Information page, also.
  11. Sharing a Documents Folder Collection - This video suggest putting Past Orders in a shared collection--not on the Vendor Information page.
  12. Gmail Video Conferencing - Basic Overview of setting up for Gmail Video Conferencing